Our diversity agenda.

Towards a more inclusive industry
As women in creative production, we know that life behind the lens is much less diverse than the wider world we live in. And this is not just an inclusion and equality issue; it can also be commercially short-sighted.

Today’s brands need to connect with all kinds of audiences, which means they need access to a variety of perspectives. That’s why we’re so determined to provide a platform for female, non-binary photographers, directors, editors and crew from all [ethnic] backgrounds. People who may be lower in profile than their traditional counterparts but just as high in calibre. It’s a passion for us – and good for business too.

Steps we’re already taking
In addition to providing diversity reporting on all our campaigns, we’re been working hard to create opportunities for otherwise unseen talent.

Mentorship programs
We co-create mentorship programs to support talented female undergraduate and post graduate photographers. For example, we partnered with Deliveroo and SimplyBe to offer three-month paid mentorships mentored by food and lifestyle photographers with take-up from most universities in the UK. Our latest paid mentorship opportunity is now open for an immediate start, more info here.

Equal Lens
In 2019, we helped launch not-for-profit Equal Lens promoting the use of talented female and non-binary photographers with more than 300 listed and is growing fast, providing agencies, brands and media owners with access to a rich resource of talent. We recently added a dedicated crew section, in line with our own target at Another to have at least 50% female or non-binary crew on all of our shoots.

Our plans for the future
We all need to ‘see it to be it’, so we are currently working on a new industry-wide initiative to encourage agents, agencies and production companies to pledge a small fee in every budget to cover paid on-set work experience for people who experience racism, discrimination or disadvantage. These routes in are vital, because while talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t. And as an industry we have so much to gain from opening our doors.

If you’re keen to find out more, or to get involved as a future mentor or brand partner, please contact us.

Mentorship program

  • Starting in November a new program with major drinks brand.
  • Find out more


Equal Lens

  • We helped launch Equal Lens in March 2019, promoting the use of female photographers.
  • equallens.com


Free the Work

  • We were inspired by Free the Work, founded in 2016 by director Alma Har’el.
  • freethework.com