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Female Photography Mentorship Scheme



We are female owned and managed and have always been passionate about supporting female talent. We believe that a more diverse and representational talent base is good for business and good for consumers.

2019 sees us launch a bespoke photographic mentorship programme allowing brands to support brilliant and aspiring female undergraduate photographers across categories.  Currently female photographers represent 25% of those commercially represented, in contrast to undergraduate photography courses which are majority female. Our mentorship scheme seeks address this gender imbalance, by pairing female photography students with award winning photographers who are experts in their field, plus providing financial support, training, and hands on shoot experience.



We are currently looking for 3 brand partners to help support 3 aspiring female undergraduate photographers.  Each student will be paired with a category-leading photographer and mentor for a period of 3 months. The female photography undergraduates will produce an expense only, social media shoot for the brand sponsor rights free and Another will produce a highlights film for internal use. In addition, the brand will benefit from the PR coverage, brand exposure at Equal Lens and social media activations from the mentorship scheme itself.

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Equal Lens

Advertising is at a moment of change. A moment when we must tackle the inequality in our workplaces across gender, race, sexuality and class, and a moment that is strengthened by the global call for equal and just treatment across many other industries.


Free the Bid

The whole corporate world needs to fix its diversity issue – because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s a good idea for business. If creativity can be described as “thinking outside the box,” then it would seem obvious that diversity would only increase creativity. Embracing multiple genders, races, sexual orientations… all of these are important because they help to make companies and brands more creative, empathetic and representative of their customers and of society at large.